The Flight

As I’m sitting on the airplane to my destination, God reminds me of His hand in creation.  He points to the sea, the clouds, the sun (Son) light, and the reflection of the sun on the water (life).  He lifts my spirits from a selfish morning of being focused on my wants, my needs, and my feelings.  He shifts my mind and my attitude towards Him: living unselfishly as Christ would, walking in love and simply being grateful.

The plane does not need a person to make the plane go.  The pilot (the “man in charge and control”) guides and shows the being where to go and how to move; such as God does by His Holy Spirit, if we listen for it.  We can choose to listen or choose to ignore it, but the point is, we have a choice.  If we listen, such as the plane functions smoothly when run as expected, so also shall we “run” as needed, smoothly, if we follow Him.  The thing is, with God, He doesn’t push us or shove to make us move.  He as our “pilot” will lead, guide, and direct, but He will never be forceful.

Just as the plane is subject to turbulence, so are we subject to our own bumps and shakes in our path of life.  The question is, will we give up, or push through with Christ?  Because it is only by Christ’s love and breath in our lungs we function, move, and have our being.  Will we ride through life without turbulence?  Absolutely not, but one thing guaranteed is that God upholds us with His victorious right hand.  The redemption and final vindication comes at the trumpet sound, at His final last call, but we have a path to follow, a journey to live and walk until that day.

The choice is ours, to live selfishly and reject the Son of God and our salvation, or we may accept His call and yield to the traffic signs of His victorious love, that lead and guide us all the way from our take off in flight (at birth), to our final destination of Home above.