Trust in the One

The young shepherd boy David chose to trust God, not knowing what this lesson would entail.  He had to make a decision; to trust his own instinct that he was just a boy with a slingshot, or trust that his God Almighty would move His own hand to defeat the enemy.

There are times we must also choose to trust God or trust in our fears.  We can’t do both.  Whichever one we decide to follow will be the one we walk with.  Think of it like this: there are two paths, one is green and luscious but you can’t see its complete beauty until the latter part of the walk.  The other is a temptation dressed with the unknown.  There will be only two choices but they are not always clear from the start.  We can choose to trust in riches, success, or idols (anything that steals our focus from God), but nothing will satisfy like the Savior.  We can run around the same mountain more than once but until we put our eyes back on God, we’ll never find the lasting peace and true success of humility towards God if we don’t submit and keep our eye on Him alone.  He will partner with us to do the rest, to make things work the way they are to function, and to walk by faith, not by sight.

Sometimes God must open our spiritual eyes to see what we cannot.  It is here that we can continue to trust in ourselves or trust in the Truth.  The Truth opens up the prison doors.  The Truth sets us free.  In trials and tribulations, there is temptation not to trust in God to fulfill our needs, desires, and hopes.  But one thing we will ultimately realize is that He works all things out for our own good.  There is no issue too small that He doesn’t have concern about for you.  Open your heart.  Search your desires.  What do you find?  Dreams left shattered?  Hopes left unfulfilled?  I promise you my friend, God has not forgotten.  What we care about He cares about too, and it is His concern to fight and defend His children, but this all begins with a trust that He hears us, and that He is faithful.

Just like David defeating Goliath, fear will come and go.  Fear will manifest if that is our focus, or faith will manifest if God is our focus.  David, I’m sure, had many unknowns, many things he did not know how it would work out.  But one thing is for certain; he trusted his God, our God.  He looked away from self and turned to the One and only.  He turned to the Creator Himself and leaned on the Lord for help.  It is here that trust and love coincide.  One can’t be fully complete without the other.  Love and truth must co-exist, which leaves trust as a byproduct.  The faithful know God is good and He brings all the puzzle pieces together to make them fit.  It may not make sense, it may be painful, but God’s children know He is a good Father, and that does not change. 

Here, our trust journey begins.  If David had put his trust in anything or anyone else, there would have been a very different outcome to the story.  Darkness would have prevailed, and God would not have been glorified through this story.  But God knows.  God knows what we need, when we need it.

The problem is we trust in ourselves at times rather than the One Who knows best.  Where will you put your trust today?  Will it be in your fears, the lies of the enemy, or the Truth, the very words of God?  Every day we are faced with a choice, a choice to run and hide or the choice to trust God.  Every time we choose to trust God, our faith grows.  There is a special knowledge and wisdom given to those who seek it.  And it depends what we decide to seek, where our paths of life will take us.


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