Grow not weary

If we don’t know God’s character, we won’t trust Him, and if we won’t trust Him, we won’t serve Him.  He has great things in store for every one of us, but the only way we find them is if we grow and learn to trust Him.  Trust in Christ doesn’t make our lives perfect, but it does make us spotless (see Colossians 1:22).  When we said yes to Jesus, we were resurrected into a new life with Him and the Creator God, and we were filled with the Holy Spirit, the very presence of God.  Because we are no longer seen with blemish, we can walk uprightly and know that God has good things in store because He is sovereign.  Sometimes everything that happens to us is not ‘good’ so we question God’s integrity and loyalty to us, but the Bible says God does not change and He is no respecter of persons.  So when we look to the Word of Truth rather than what we start to think or feel, we know God has a good plan, one that fits together like pieces of a puzzle.  Just like putting together a physical puzzle, we can’t see the big picture until all the pieces are complete to make the whole picture, because we are not God!

We must walk by faith and not by sight, as scripture teaches us.  God opens the eyes of the blind, our spiritual eyes, because He loves us, and as He does this we begin to see fragments of the whole story.  God is good and His character does not change.  Human emotions waver, human tendencies falter, but God does not.  He is sovereign and those who have believed in His Son have a great place of favor.  His grace prevails.  His goodness always wins.  When we trust God, we can’t be shaken because it’s His hand we hold onto and His strength we have hope in.

With every passing day, God touches our lives with mercy.  He shows up strong because we are nothing without Him.  As we look to Him, we know He is for us, and we have a seat in Heavenly places.  If you are in a season of doubt or worry, know that God has a plan, and it is good.  Keep claiming it; keep trusting Him, because He will prove Himself as Lord.  Our purpose is to bring Him glory.  As we do that, He will bring us glory, so that we never have to glorify ourselves and fall into pride.  We can give it all to Him and rest securely in His arms knowing His name is great! 

We have been given the gift of using His peace and rest, and when we do, we can do all we need to do in Christ, because it’s Christ’s power that rests on us.  In His strength we can move mountains.  In His glory we can do great things.  As we learn and grown in Him, life may not get easier but the path of walking with Him will, because we know in our heart and mind that Jesus has our back.  We know He is for us, not against us.  We need not fear because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.  When He calls our name, we can boldly answer and go out in faith believing that what He says, we can do.  What He asks of us, we can accomplish, and whatever trials we face, we believe we have already overcome.  Why?  Jesus.

In Christ, we are everything, without Him we are nothing.  There is no greater strength than that of the Lord.  When we cry out, He hears.  When we take steps of faith, He supports; before a word is spoken, He knows.  Our life we live eternally and we will always have the Lord at our side, standing with us.  For the righteous He lifts up and renews their strength.


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