Step into Action

In the face of discouragement, we can get bitter or get better, but we can’t have both.  One will always override the other.  We can look at obstacles as an opportunity to grow and the challenge a new mountain to climb, a new height to reach.  We will always have the choice to stand still or stand tall, looking at challenges head on and claiming new territory.

“New” is usually “scary” because it is unknown, but we are not to give in to fear, but follow the peace of God.  Courage presents itself when we call it into action.  Our spiritual courage comes from Christ, and when we rely on His courage to keep us taking steps of faith into the unknown, we will never fail.  Our plans may not always work, but the Lord guides our steps so anything that doesn’t work out will ultimately keep putting us on the right track.  The only way we fail is if we quit.  Quitting gets us nowhere; faith in hope does.  Choose to step into destiny.  Choose to step into your legacy.

Many times it’s sitting right in front of us, staring at us in the face.  If we have the gumption to stay strong and the courage to face the big dream, God will guide us into our Promised Land.  There we will find our valley is overflowing with sweet milk and honey, and the valley then becomes our mountain top!


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