What if it was you?

So, what if it was you? What if it was you hungry, homeless, living in poverty, sick, dying, having no faith in Jesus, suffering with disease, mentally crying for stability…the list goes on with needs. 

There is a place and a time where we must decide to act.  There is an epidemic of people in today’s society praying for answers; praying to a God they questionably doubt if He exists.  Is He there?  Does He hear me?  Does He hate me for what I’ve done?  And, is He real?

Jesus called each one of us to be His true love extended.  He asked us as Believers to go throughout the earth and spread His name, while healing, praying, and loving others with His love, the love of God the Father.  When we do this, people witness the truth of God’s love first hand.  When we show compassion, we are showing there is a God Who cares, a God Who exists, the ONE true God, the ONLY God.  His name is great and because of His greatness, we are great.  As we seek to be love and walk daily as His love poured out for all, we become a living, breathing testimony that Christ is alive.  When we stand out in the world showing the true love of Christ, it turns heads, it causes attention to be drawn to God’s Spirit, and people question why we would take the time to care.  We don’t have to breathe a scripture down someone’s neck in condemnation, but a loving witness of a friendly gesture, or lending hand, or a heartfelt ear to listen in compassion says more than always repeating a Bible verse some may not yet understand.

The world needs to see love in action and to know there are Christians, true followers of Christ, who yearn to see the world set on fire for God because He is good.  The world needs those who desire to change the world for the Creator because God works through people.  He uses vessels, humans to do His work of love in the world.  When we seek to please Him and do His will, we will ultimately find a soul to help and a person to bless.  It is in our tender hearted caring that God is glorified.  We must be careful to take time to care for those around us in need, even if the need is a thirty second prayer.  It matters.  Prayer moves mountains.  If we put ourselves in other people’s shoes we will have a better understanding of their pain.  When we seek to be understanding and not judge, we will find a world calling out for answers, and we have just what they need- the sacrificial love of Christ!


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