When God doesn’t answer

Frustration sets in when we are expecting an answer from God, waiting, longing to hear His voice to supply what we’ve been longing to fulfill, attain, or receive a heart’s desire.  Discouragement tends to follow the feeling of a bruised heart when weeks, months, even years go by, and it seems like God has skipped you for your prayer.  Sometimes, our prayers are not His will.  Sometimes, He has greater in store than we know how to pray for.  Sometimes, we can get focused on our own life that we forget God’s will is better.  Sometimes, His “not answering” is our answer.

What happens when God remains still, or even silent?  He’s working behind the scenes.  Our emotions tend to ride us proclaiming that God has forgotten us, when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.  God must align circumstances, other people, remove or add specifics to the prayer, or wait to give us something better.  We are not rejected by Him, no matter how painful the experience.  Not a single one of us can know the mind of God or why He chooses to do things a certain way, but the one thing that is certain is God has our best interest at heart.  He sees what we can’t.  He knows our deepest desires.  He is good and He is faithful.  He will act in such a manner that is good for our life.  Nothing but good can come from His hand.  Anything else is not of God, but our Enemy, and we have the power and authority to speak the Word of God and know that as a Believer in Jesus, we are Sons and Daughters of the King.

I picture God, the Father, as a Dad who sits enthroned, waiting to see the joy of His child as He blesses them with favor, and as we enjoy the special seat on His lap, just as a little girl or boy would desire to do, and to feel the intimacy of a parent who is so in love with His child that He yearns to spend every moment with His beloved.

It is at the crossroad of our prayer being delayed or being “No,” that we are tried and tested.  How so?  Because of our actions while we wait for our answer and God’s manifestation in His way.  Do we react with bitterness and anger or do we lift Him up in prayer, praise, and worship simply because we love Him and trust Him?  When we lose sight of what He’s done on that cross, saving our soul that we may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on our judgement day, we lose sight of the greatness of His love.  From there, emotions tend to rule us if we’re not careful and attentive to His Spirit.  The glory of the Lord is revealed when we remain patient, steadfast, trust Him, and wait with a good attitude of praise, even when our prayers are not being answered. 


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