Engraft- to become grafted and begin functioning normally  (Merriam-Webster Dict.)

When we attach ourselves to God instead of acting the ways the world calls “cool,” we will find ourselves in a new place of seeing and inner wholeness.  If we begin to think the way God thinks, act how Christ would act, and speak the way He would speak, we’ll find a new life of peace and harmony because we live by functioning in the Spirit presence of God.  His Holy Spirit is our Advocate.  We have the honor to walk with integrity, life, and truth; true character of excellence, because He is love that pours out on us if we receive it.

When we look at Him, we take on redemption.  When we look to the world, we’ll always be in lack.  God’s will is that we become more like Jesus.  He works with us by His Spirit to allow us to become the bold creatures of God He created us to be.  We can deny Truth (Christ) or relish in His offer of love.  As we cry out, God hears, and He offers His peace, followed by the way in which to walk.  If we listen, we will always find Him.  If you find Him being “still” or “quiet,” keep seeking, keep listening, because He is working.  We can’t always see it but God’s got your back.

There comes a time we must let go of self; self-gratification, selfish motives, and the eyes of success or trying to prove ourselves.  Yes, God wants us to be successful, but when our success becomes about us, “Game Over.”  Our journey must remain about Him and sharing the Love of Christ in such a way that others see the Light, that we become less, almost unnoticeable, and God becomes more.  It is here that we have found the place of being engrafted in God.  As we look to Him, lean on Him, become dependent on Him, and know we are nothing apart from Him, we’ll eventually find a place of resurrection, just as Christ did.  His purpose: to live for the Father; our purpose is the same, and that we follow in His footsteps.

Christ was truly ONE with the Father.  As we look to Jesus as our role model, instead of the worldly standards, we are stepping into the journey of being engrafted in God.  The process can begin for us to begin to function “normally,” the way God created us and intended us to live, as whole, bold, prison-free, joyous creatures that pursue a life of passion and purpose because we see Jesus and not ourselves.


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