To feel or not to feel

I sit this morning listening to the rain and pondering what the day (life) has in store.  Sometimes the beginning of the day is a positive start, others not so much.  However, what I’ve come to realize over the years is our feelings don’t get to dictate our days and our life span if we don’t allow it.

Our emotions and specific feelings like to be in control.  Lessons we learn come from our daily walk of life, but whether we choose to respond in gladness or discouragement over time is a key to the higher life.  If we choose joy, we’ll feel it.  If we choose to meditate on sadness, we’ll feel it.  We always have options in our life and one of those is to make a mindful decision how we will respond to circumstances in our life.  Will it be an attitude of humility and gratitude, or one of frustration and agitation?

From each decision we make stems the fruit of that root decision.  We can humble ourselves under God’s Hand and decide to trust Him, knowing that He is for us (Rom 8:31), or we can grow cold and falsely believe He is wronging us.

When we come to a place where we trust Him no matter what things look like, life becomes a lot easier to manage.  We’ll begin to see a manifestation of peace inside of us and all around us.  We’ll find a great many new doors open up, because we discover He is faithful to His promises.  Because our human nature likes to see evidence and live by what is seen, we reach and look to what we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch but we can’t always live by our human senses.  We must live by our “sixth sense,” the root of faith.

2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us Christians live by faith, not by sight.  Therefore, we get to make a choice that we will trust God or trust what we see.  Wisdom tells us trusting God’s Word over anything else will always prove faithful.  There is no weapon that can form against us that will prosper (Isa 54:17) if we choose to trust and speak the Word of God over self, or others.  Sometimes both will line up (be in agreement), but many times they won’t.  It is then we have to make the choice and stand, to trust the Word of God above all else.  Everything in this world will try to pull us the opposite direction, away from God and His Word, but nothing else is truth.  Anything that does not align with His Word is false- False Evidence Appearing Real- “Fear.”  From fear, guilt, condemnation and doubt are always birthed.  In the midst of the three of these, we will always find timidity, and timidity is not of God.  None of these things fall into line with God’s Word.  As we study and fall deeper in love with God’s Word (the Truth) we will find ourselves falling into a place of rest.  As we rest, we feel peace, and from peace, we can trust that God is for us and we need not fear.

So as our days progress and continue to fly by, our mind of Christ is stable and steadfast knowing God is for us, and in fact there is nothing to fear with God on our side.

As the day unfolds and the light rises, on the brink of the horizon there is a found hope, trust, and faith that no matter what each day brings, we are loved, and nothing can change that.  Nothing can change God’s opinion; because of Christ, we are dearly and victoriously loved by the Creator, forevermore.


One thought on “To feel or not to feel

  1. Very true words from this woman after God’s heart! I have lived many years trusting in His promises and He never, I want to repeat and emphasize that… NEVER let’s me down! When I stop for a moment believing in His promises, I falter greatly. I sink into depression and loose sight of hope. But when I regain perspective from the promises God gives to us in His word, life is good, or great, or peaceful, or joyful. Fill in your own adjective. Thank you Kristy!


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