Get up on the Inside

Every trial is accompanied by a breakthrough.  Every breakthrough was once a challenge deemed ‘impossible.’  Breakthroughs happen when we believe miracles are possible.  Miracles are always preceded by praise and worship.  Praise and worship summons God to move.  He inhabits the praise of His people (Psalm 22:3).  He adores His children and desires to bless those who love Him.  When we pray, He answers; His way, His will and His timing.  Nothing is impossible with God to those who believe.  God’s miracle takes but a breath, and is limited by our doubt and unbelief.  Take a step of faith.  What have you got to lose?  Life is more than a legacy of living with regrets of “what if.”  Start to pray through the what if.  Start to take steps of faith and call things God has laid on your heart into existence.  Speak faith, not doubt.  Speak healing, not sickness over your life.  Your mouth is a powerful weapon.  Either it will work for you or against you, so put it to good use by getting your hope back and call out God’s goodness for your life.  Christ lived, died, and resurrected for us to have an abundant life (John 10:10).  So why waste it feeling unfulfilled.  He’s got promises and dreams lined up for you, a full potential of gifts and talents yet to be discovered.  When you look up, you’ll be focused on God.  When you look left and right, you’ll feel distracted by the chains of the Enemy.

Distraction leads to discouragement and a feeling of less intimacy with God.  Put on your shoes of peace and belt of truth.  Reapply the shield of faith.  Each moment you waste on doubt and unbelief gives the Enemy more time to build a stronghold in your mind.  Attached to that stronghold is a lie- one that he wants you to buy into so you get stuck in fear.  Fear leads to a state of shrinking back and a lack of confidence.  In God however, we are confident, we are bold, and we are courageous.  Fight back by speaking the Word of God.  Through His Word, He is faithful.  If God said it in His Word, He will perform it for you and anyone else who chooses to believe.  Get up, move ahead, and take that first step of faith to where God has called you.  As you move, He’ll show up.  Pray through until the battle is won!  You’ll be glad you did!


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