God’s Almighty Hand of healing grace

When we harbor bitterness in our soul, the deepest inner part of us, there will be a silent wall also put up. The wall acts as a blockade to our healing and wholeness.  The problem is, if that part of us can’t heal, we will always feel “off.” There will always be something that doesn’t feel quite right, but we usually can’t put our finger on it. It hides like an infected wound. It festers and becomes “sick” inside of us. As we become sick on the inside, our bodies become sick on the outside. We are left with brokenness that manifests itself in many ways physiologically, and if these things are left undealt with, we begin to break down.

 The process of breaking down our physical selves leads to lack of motivation and determination to get better because we feel hopeless on the inside. Hopelessness leads to despair, and a feeling of lack. The downward spiral goes on and on if left untreated, and this is when we need to run to God. Often, we miss going to God before all these processes in our soul and bodies occur, so we lack proper treatment for healing, but it’s never too late to seek God for help. He will bless us by helping us no matter how far in the opposite direction we’ve run from Him. We can run toward Him and be healed, or we can continue to run from Him and receive greater wounding by the world’s philosophies. We have a choice to make because there is no option to choose both. We can’t have one foot in and one foot out when it comes to the Creator.  The Bible calls this being “lukewarm” (see Revelation 3:15-16). Being lukewarm is not an option for God’s children. God’s children love Him and have received Jesus Christ into their life as their personal Savior. With Christ as our personal Savior, we have the advantage of the complete and total fullness of a King Who has chosen to love us, before we even cared about His offer of love to humanity.

 When we seek Him in all things, we’ll begin to find new growth. We’ll step onto a new playing field. We’ll become so engrossed in His love and mercy that the rest will be left fallen behind and washed away. If left to pick up the pieces of life on our own, we’ll always struggle, but if we go to the throne of Grace, we’ll find awaiting mercy in the arms of a Savior. The choice is ours to make.


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