Your Weakness equals God’s Strength

Your weakness can become God’s greatest strength. It is in Him we can find new talents we never knew we had. In Him, we can excel at something we never dreamed possible. If we allow Him to do the work in us and through us, He’ll show up strong as we remain obedient. The two keys to the process are belief and obedience, sealed with trust in the Savior. Things may not always turn out as we expect, but if we submit to God, they will always turn out for our good no matter what the outside looks like. When we reach deep and find belief in Him, that He will perform His promises of the Bible, we’ll find that all things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26). Because all things are possible, we must remember to keep an open mind that He is faithful and He will act in accordance with His will as He sees fit. This will develop our patience, character, and peace, because things don’t always happen on our time table, or how we expect. However, as we yield to the Heavenly Father, the greatest things will happen for us because He has our best interest at heart. He desires to bless and love on His children. If Christ is your Savior, you are God’s child, and He will go to the greatest length to give you your deepest desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

In doing this, He will also keep us safe from ourselves because there are things we sometimes think may be good for us, but are not. He sees the whole picture, and He knows how to get us where we need to be, therefore we need to trust. The fullness of our destiny cannot come to pass if we don’t trust God. Trust in Him affects every other area of our life. Until we come to peace with God, life will be a mess. The only way it will realign and come back into proper order is through the Son, Jesus Christ, Who believes, loves, and trusts in the Father, and He also believes in and loves you. What are you struggling with today? He’s got your back. Your mistakes, your failures, and your hang ups; He’s right there with you and wants to heal you. Come to Him, open up to Him, and your journey into wholeness and a life of greatness will begin.


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