Thoughts of a another Author: Carrie Lowrance

Today I want to honor another writer on my blogspot. Carrie is a friend of mine who has a great passion for writing and excels in her talent. She continually has fresh, new ideas and is currently pursuing her dream as a freelance author! Go Carrie! Enjoy!

*How long have you been writing?

I started writing when I was nine years old. I have been writing poetry and fiction on and off since then. I have been freelancing a little over a year.

*Where do you get your ideas?

I get my ideas from situations I have been in or people I know. Sometimes an idea will just pop in my head as well. The idea for my book Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green) came from a particularly harsh cold/flu season when I was working in day care.

*What is your writing background?

I had my first article published when I was fifteen and wrote for the Luminary in Muncy, PA when I was in Jr. High. In college I wrote for both the school and the local newspaper. I have a freelance writing certificate from Penn Foster Career School. Since starting freelancing I have been published on Huffington Post, She Is Fierce, Parachute and Crosswalk. I also have published three books. Two books of poetry and a children’s book titled Don’t Eat Your Boogers (You’ll Turn Green).

*What is your next book about?

My next book is about a country singer who loses it all and has to find his way back to the spotlight. In the midst of his struggles he also finds a deeper faith in God and true love again.

*What are some of your favorite books?

The Blossom Street Series by Debbie Macomber

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

The Yada-Yada Prayer Group series by Neta Jackson

The list goes on and on and on.

*What are you currently reading?

The Yada-Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson, Problogger by Darren Rowse

*Who are some of your favorite authors?

Debbie Macomber, Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, Terri Blackstock, Neta Jackson, James Patterson, Dave Ramsey, Jon Acuff and the list goes on and on and on.

*When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

I usually spend my time cooking, baking, reading, going out with my husband and friends, creative writing and surfing the internet.

*What advice do you have for other authors?

Write because you love it. Sure, we all want to be successful, but if the only reason you write is to make money, you won’t be writing for long. Don’t listen to those around you who think it’s a pipe dream and that you will never make money. Writers are grossly understood. Find a writing group online or a writing group in your community. Learn all you can learn about your craft, websites, blogging, marketing, etc. Most of all, don’t give up. The fact that you are writing and putting yourself out there in whatever capacity means that you are winning. We have an amazing talent being able to put words together in ways that inform, entertain and inspire people. The world needs your words and don’t let anyone ever tell you any different.

 Carrie Lowrance

Freelance Writer/Email Copy writer/Author


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