Seasons of Hope

In a season of change, we might begin to think everything has run dry, and all we see is chaos and pain, when deep in the midst of all the mess is a Savior waiting to show you His name.  As we look throughout Genesis, we discover a faithful God; a God of later, Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Who always remains faithful. A God Whose name means “God with us.” As we walk through life, we find many twists and turns, many highs and lows, but one thing that does not change is the love of the Savior. For Him, highs and lows don’t exist. He makes up in all areas where we lack. As we seek Him, we find Him (Jer 29:13), however seek is a strong word that many miss. Seek means to chase and go after. So as we follow Him, we’ll eventually find Him, the real God, the full God. His reality becomes real to us. At a glance or a disheartened glimpse at God, we tend to miss the intricacies of His heart. Sure, we will always find Him, but we’ll miss His true identity. He is not far off or distant, but near and close to our hearts to those who believe (Psalm 145:18). As we call on Him, He’ll always answer, but we must be prepared to receive answers in ways we may not expect, or even care for. Reality is, when you go full on with God, you usually won’t understand until after the fact of action.

Many times we can get confused because we try to figure Him out, but we may or may not grasp what He’s doing. He may give us insight, but nine times out of ten, we have to walk by faith and just trust Him, to know that He is sovereign and just, and full of mercy. When we know the true heart of God, it will melt our hardened hearts. The world creates in us a hardened heart from things that have happened to us in our walk of life, but if we remain faithful to the living, One true God, He will always work all things out for good, even when it doesn’t make sense. Our pain can become His biggest message. Our turmoil can become His biggest triumph. Why? Not because He is some self-righteous storybook character Who enjoys watching His people suffer, but because He loves us so much that He sent His ONLY Son to die for us; and it was when we didn’t even care about this man named Jesus.

Jesus is not a fairytale, fictional character that people choose to believe in because they are weak, but because those of us who have humbled our hearts to a living God Who has given His all for each individual, know that we are in fact, nothing without Him. This KING, Lord of Lords, high above heaven and earth, reigns because He is sovereign and He is faithful. Never again will there be One like Him in all the earth, in any nation. He humbled Himself as a man of character, integrity, and love, not because He was weak but because He was strong. He rose when He laid Himself down. As He humbled Himself under God’s hand, He was exalted. He reigns because God IS. God is just, God is fair, and God is Lord of all. In His presence we’re made whole. In His power we are healed. In the salvation of the Savior, we too are saved. Alleluia!


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