HE knows YOUR name

Sometimes we can feel like we’re having a ‘desert’ experience. One that leaves us feeling isolated and even hopeless. One that screams in your ear, you’re hopeless and worthless, just give up. But God. 

God is the other voice that pushes us through the darkness and brings us out into triumph, all the way on the other side. He carries us, He fulfills us, and He rejuvenates us making us stronger. His character is our faith. He is our strength. When we fall, He lifts us up. There’s no place so low He won’t find us. He chases us, seeks us, and even desires us. His mercy is great, and our destiny follows His love for us. 

We reach in the waters, trying to be refreshed in our soul, but the only water that will fulfill and sustain us is His Living Water- the Spirit Living Water of Jesus Christ, the King. He is a King not because He was great in the eyes of others, but because He humbled Himself in front of God the Father. His humanity was real, but His Spirit was even greater. He followed the Spirit of His God. When God spoke, He listened. When God moved, He moved. As He bowed down, God rose up. As He was shackled in shame by the world, God was preparing Him for greatness. He was in preparation to be a KING. His Kingship didn’t look like a kingship. He appeared as a failure and a nobody, to the public eye. Yet, He had believers. He had followers who saw past the outside treatment He received. Many rejected Him, yet He knew Who He was. 

Do you know Who you are- Whose you are? This is a first sign of a believing Saint; one who knows they’ve made mistakes, yet humbles themselves under God’s mighty Hand; not because we are weak, but because we are strong. We are not strong in ourselves, but in Christ, we are the greatest human force any superstar could dream about. Why? Because in the supernatural realm of God’s existence, we are found: in Him, with Him, and through Him. Our turmoil becomes His biggest testimony. Our frailties become His strengths. If we grab onto Him, we’ll find hope in the midst of the mess. We’ll bow down and He’ll raise us up. His glory is where we are found. His greatness calls us out. We freely receive what He freely gives. 

As we were created in the mother’s womb, He has created us for greatness. He calls us out into existence and gives us a new name. He tags us as His, and nothing can remove that. His failure doesn’t exist. Therefore, we can never truly fail, because we are His. He is our glory, He is our strength, and He is our shield. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and the word of our testimony in Jesus. Jesus is light, life, and new hope. He is a passion that supersedes all hope. Our destiny is our Creator. We were set apart, sanctified, and stamped with a seal (Ephesians 1:13-14). As we cry out, He rescues us. As we bow down, He lifts us. Worship today. Call on Him, and He will answer. He will find you even when you don’t know how to find Him. Just a whisper- He knows your name. 


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