A Journey into the Unknown

Many times we are called and chosen when we have no idea of our value and worth in God.  When He calls us, He has chosen us for His purpose.  We can confuse the two; earthly living, with Godly fulfillment. It was in God’s offer of salvation He bore His blood on the cross for us.  As we watch days go by, we can take part in a Living God, fulfilling a living, lasting purpose.  His character presents to us a true fulfillment of prophecy: a life that says, “you are worth My death.”

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we find new life and we find new hope.  As we bow down in humility, He rises up in faith and gives us courage to perceive His power in our calling.  We may not see it or understand it, but He simply asks us to listen.  As we do, He is glorified because His power is made perfect in weakness.  He called out into the depths of the sea, and we were made a new creature in Christ (by saying yes to Jesus).  The Almighty already had His plan in place before we understood salvation, our saving grace.  We are made whole because He breathed His life into us.  We are resurrected because He chose us to be His children.  We are not lucky, we are blessed, and as each trial presents itself we find a newness; a place of eternal life that cries out for a new breath of fresh air, and if we receive it we’ll be renewed.  Heaven and earth collide from a real God and a real Savior.  His Spirit alone, calls us into His glorious Light- there is no other way by which we can be saved than the One and only Son, Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12).  His turmoil became our peace.  His pain became our biggest testimony.  We failed, but He arose, with a promised guarantee that called us into new glory.

As we perceive life, death and light cannot co-exist, yet we can’t distinguish one from the other without a pure knowledge of both.  And, as we experience one, we too will experience the other.  For each part of our journey is a new road, a new season, and a new trial.  As we stop pretending life will simply come to a screeching halt and all negative consequences will just vanish, we’ll find this lie only sets us up for discouragement. As we run from discouragement, we’ll find hope.  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord (Psalm 118:26).  We are blessed because we are His.  We have all the nature of God residing and living within us.  What more can we ask for?  A Mighty Counselor, a Governor of Nations, has asked to be part of our hearts, part of our life, and a story well written.  As we say yes, He’ll show up greater and stronger than ever before.  It is in His wholeness we become Truth, and His reconciliation unto us, we become faith.  Seek Him, trust Him, and desire to know Him.  All things stem from this.  Amen.


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