The Light Within

A seed is planted in the spring, as the fruit is born as the aftermath. The fruit yields a crop that is yesterday’s idea. So we must also have a beginning and an end. We all are born into a state of sinful humanity, but we have the choice to leave the world in a state of grace. God’s gift and offer of free salvation to us has already been paid at the price of His Son. His gift to us was His sacrifice. We now all have the opportunity to take the offer of love and call it our own.

Each day presents itself with the quest to go deeper: deeper in worship, deeper in love, and deeper in meaning. We can take it or leave it, but the choice is ours. The turmoil, trials, troubles, and heartache we face doesn’t have to remain in our hands. We can give it to the loving God Who wants to heal and take our pain. We can present it to Him as a gift. You might ask, “How as a gift?” Precisely a gift because the Creator chose to bare His Son as the sacrifice so we wouldn’t have to face death, and as we give Him the burdens we undertake, we no longer have to stay in pain because He is our Healer. One of the many reasons Jesus came was to bear our burdens, and I believe He is honored that we would take Him up on His offer. After all, He died for us, so why deny the gift He gave? His hands are open to His children, those who say a heartfelt yes to His offer of grace, the offer of His Son’s sacrifice, death, and punishment on the cross. As we cry out, He hears (Psalm 34:17) and He cares. If God didn’t care, why would He have given His only Son for death? His ultimate sacrifice gave us hope, and still does today, that we can bear much fruit, by the burden He gave to know us, to desire us, and to learn of our hearts. It is a precious reminder that He Who promised is faithful (Hebrews 10:23). He gave what we could never achieve, and now the offer stands, that if we desire Him with our whole heart, He will come and dwell within us. The seed was planted, the fruit was born, and the blood has been shed, to make us whole. Wherever you can find Him, He will meet you there. Ask and receive, for His mercy is great!


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