the WIND

Let’s talk about vacation and favorite places for a moment. Today’s writing dives into an exploration of peace and hope in the storm. When we are weathered by troubles, many times it gives us a feeling of hopelessness, but there is a quick escape. Go to your favorite place; in your mind that is. Or, maybe your favorite place is a spot easily accessible, such as a spot in your home or a hug from a family member. Whatever this is, let’s investigate the why behind the what.

For many centuries humans have been known to desire “happiness,” and do whatever it takes to reach it. Sometimes this is good and sometimes not so good, but one thing is for certain- the goal is the same. The objective is to enter into a place of rest; the place where we feel at comfort and ease in body, mind, and spirit. When the three are relaxed, we feel “happy.” Joy and happiness however are two very different things. Joy is internal, while happiness is based on external circumstances. Internally, we must find joy in the Savior. There is only One where true, lasting joy can come from: Jesus Christ. In Him, we’ll find the joy we’ve been searching for and longing for. In Him, we can find rest.

So let’s take a look at a poll I drafted on Facebook. I received many unique answers, yet many very similar, such as the beach, water, or some place that is warm. We are inherently built for comfort, so we will be naturally drawn to the things that make us crave comfort and peace internally. The common denominators of all of the answers are these six things:

1. Peace/ calm 2. Comfort  3. Joy  4. Imagination/ a dream  5. Love/ compassion  6. Rest

There you have it. These common factors are what drive us. We live in a society so attention-starved that we lack the things that matter most. And where do they come from: ABOVE. Holy, righteous, peace-loving, joy comes from above. His name is Jesus. How do we find these things?

As Believers, we dig deeper. Believers have the Lord Jesus living inside of each and every one of us, so all we have to do is ask. We can ask Jesus for these desires and He will pour them out. We must be patient however. Sometimes it takes longer than a simple response of God’s favor. Sometimes, He has to do the work in us before we can receive the fullness of His grace and peace. He will always give bits and pieces as answers to our prayers, but it is usually not instant. It is developed over time with Him, in partnership. This is why so many struggle with a God Who functions in this capacity. He is neither a push-over nor a fake, so in His realness, He will answer our prayers by calling us out. He will expose our weaknesses in love, so we can see them for what they are, work on them with Him, and become all He has called us to be; usually known as our “desires” for this life. He restores and He is faithful, but we must act accordingly. We must cooperate with the Almighty, Omnipotent Creator to receive all the glory He has stored up for us.

So as we wait, what do we do? Go to Jesus. Reflect, dream, seek, ask, and knock. For He Who promised is faithful (Hebrews 10:23). When we chase and seek God in all we think and do, He will respond and act on the rest. He will provide what we desire in His way, His timing. The six things we desire are available at all times in Him, no matter where we are, no matter what we do. It’s a call to action. Our desire is a call to seek Him, the Lord above. Our desires of light come from His Spirit, and if we listen to these desires, we’ll walk in His path for us. For now, remember this verse:  “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

Seek Him today. He’s got your back.


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