As we embark on the journey of life with God, we realize one thing: in actuality, we are nothing without Him. We cannot be, do, or remain in any way without Him. He is the air we breathe; we live and move in Him (Acts 17:28).

As I ponder the trials of this world of hate, I question why one would rather be filled with hate towards each other than love and kindness. God continually reminds me that those who are not “in Christ” do not and cannot understand. So as Spirit-filled Christians, we are to rise higher, and not respond in a like manner, but react in love.

Love is not a word or an emotion. First, it is an action. When we move and walk in love in our daily life, we’ll find that God shows up. His character and His will, is to love others through us, so they see Him, not us. He receives glory when we promote the things of His nature. Because He is kind, we can be kind. Because He is grace, we can continue in grace. Each of His character traits can be used by us, but we have to know how to receive them. We must be good receivers in order to be His love extended into the world. As His character manifests in us, we will find He can move through us unto others. They may not understand where this light is coming from, but they will know it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced: Jesus Christ in the flesh, flooded by the Holy Spirit of God Himself. As Christ was created by the Hand of God, so are we, and therefore we have the ability to act like Christ if we remain steadfast unto Him. He says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

As we look to Him and abide in Him, He will help us be what we cannot be or do in ourselves. That’s how people will see Him; by our willingness to love, despite tumultuous circumstances, and our desire to remain noble and function in integrity despite what is going on around us. They see hate in the world, but we see love. They respond to tragedy; we respond to hope. We are above the world’s ways and climb higher than we ever dreamed possible, simply because there is a God Who loves us. This is the Creator of the Universe that stamps us as His own as we say “yes” to Christ. How do we find Him?

Call on Him. He’ll answer. It is His Word that He will respond with a heart of compassion to those who call on Him. We can’t pick and choose how, or when, but we get to put our trust in an everlasting, never-forsaking God, Who loves us more than we could possibly imagine! Choose hope. Choose life. God will help us with all of the rest.


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