Christ’s Representative

Being a Christ- centered Christian requires two things: that you love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and that you love people. We are commanded to love others as we love ourself (Matthew 22:39) but if we don’t love ourselves we cannot love other people properly. His grace is sufficient to work through us so that we can love as He does, knowing that as we ask for help, He answers. Our prayers do not fall onto a deaf ear. Our pleas may not always be His will, but one thing is for sure, that if we love others in truth, we cannot go wrong.

Excitement and joy happen within the heart, soul, and mind when we say yes to God’s will by becoming His love extended- a blessing and gift to this earth. Because He reigns, we can work with Him to bring Heaven to Earth. As we trust God, His anointing will flow from within us, outward, so we may be a sincere blessing to others. As we love others outwardly, we are blessed inwardly, because God’s love breaks through within our own hearts. Hardened hearts can be softened because God is love, and His love breaks the chains of bondage. His character is our redeeming grace. When we call on Him, He is already prepared to answer.

His calling on our lives is first of all, to be His love extended towards a hurting world. As we do this (walk in love), He will help us to remain in love because it shows Jesus; our action in this manner represents who Jesus is and what He stands for. His character is not flawed, and when we cry out to the Living God with a righteous heart (one that is turned towards Him in goodness) He will show up and show off. We are His creation and if we are sons and daughters of the Most High, we are open to all of His offered blessings. We get back from Him as we sow outward, onto others. God is a giver and because His Kingdom has no end, we too can come to realize we have no end when it comes to being a blessing to others. Hurting people hurt people, but if we make a conscious effort to remain steadfast in Christ, we will find it in our hearts to go out and be a blessing to those we meet, and even those we may never meet. We receive Christ’s compassion as we look up at Him.

When we cry out, His ear is bent towards us because He loves His children. When God made Earth and said it was “good,” He also looked at us as His creation in the womb of mothers and according to His perspective; we are “good.” Those who are sons and daughters of the Most High God can look to receive blessings from the Father. The Creator of the Universe is on your side. His creation is a blessing if we see it this way, and when we see things as a blessing, we will honor, respect, praise and glorify our Heavenly King. God is not just “King,” but Father worthy to be praised. The question He poses is “Are you My child?” Receive Christ today- say yes, and be welcomed to the King’s table!


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