The Mind of Christ

Jesus Christ was the sinless, spotless sacrificial death, on the cross that we needed. We needed the offer of salvation, and because He gave His life for us to be cleansed of sin, we have the opportunity to say yes to eternal life with Christ in Heaven; but there’s more.

Many people miss out on the opportunity to live a joy-filled life here on Earth. God, through His Son, also offers the free gifting of joy, in Him. We can choose joy or choose sadness, but we can’t have a continual stream of both. One will always outpour over the other. If we choose joy however, we will find a host of breakthroughs pour out over our life. We will receive all that Christ has to offer us because we have made a decision to choose His ways. His ways are higher than our ways (see Isaiah 55:8), so from this we can gather that there is a way to live that involves leaning into God, learning how to think like He thinks. He offers us Scripture, His written Word, to learn how we should live our lives, and also, how to think properly in such a way that won’t lead to spiritual ‘death’ because of a broken mind.

As we follow His Word we see God pours out His wisdom, insight, and understanding knowledge that if we spend the time diligently to learn how to live, think, and believe, we will live a life worthy of His calling. God asks each of us to be a part in His Kingdom work, helping others, along with simply being His child. As we say yes to Him, we will find an internal joy if we seek to find it and choose to keep it.

Christ’s joy is everlasting joy and cannot be taken from us if we don’t allow it. Through Him, we can bear much fruit, but apart from Him we can do nothing (see John 15:5). That also means that apart from Jesus there is no true joy. His joy is different from a human joy. As we align our thoughts and ways with His, we will find there is a peace, stillness, and a rest that shows we are not afraid of anything that is to come. As we follow Christ, we too shall find His joy. All that He offers He freely gives, and is ours to receive.

We must first learn about Him, and learn His character, because if we know Who He really is to each of us individually, a whole new door will open up for a manifestation of His eternal, unchanging, unconditional love. This can turn our whole entire life around in such a way we feel ready to burst with excitement, an unmistakable joy of peace deep within our souls. Circumstances may not always be right, but God is, and He is where we find that rest.


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