Sometimes we can feel stuck, and in a season of little hope. The hope is always there for the taking, but often we feel little remains. The world’s ways are very different than the Christian life, and often, we get stuck feeling we’re the odd ones out. Truth is, nothing could be farther from the truth. We were put here for a reason, a purpose, as God’s sons and daughters to reach up, grab hold of Jesus, and then reach out by being an extension of His love. As we allow Him to cradle us, we can follow His peace that surpasses all understanding. Life sometimes just feels pretty messed up, but if we don’t give up hope, we will always find God, and He will move in our hearts to help us, lead us, and guide us. When we get crushed by the waters, we can still find our way, because Jesus is the way to life.

The eternal hope we have in Him is a manifestation of God’s grace. What do I mean? As God’s creation, we are His children just as we are, if we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. If we follow Him as Abba Daddy, as scripture offers, we can find healing, closeness, and restoration in Him, but only in Him. Trials of life will always come and go but the Word of God stands forever (Isa 40:8). He is our solid foundation, the Rock Eternal on which we stand. As we lean on, trust in, and rely on Him, we will find that hope bubbling back up inside us. That hope is connected to peace and rest. So, no matter what is going on around us, we can claim and have the victory because of Jesus’ preconceived death. Because God the Father made the way to Christ for us, by His Son’s death and resurrection, we can get our faith back.

Faith starts with belief: a belief and a hope in the ONE true God. As we praise and worship Jesus with our belief in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the ONLY Eternal Three in One, we can proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor (see Isaiah 61) because God’s Word always holds true for us. As His Word holds true, we can always hold fast to God’s ultimate gift: Jesus, the Son. His decision unto death paved the way so we would not receive eternal punishment but eternal grace. If we keep things in perspective, God’s perspective, we’ll find life, light, and love we never thought possible. We do this by keeping in step with the Spirit (for study see Galatians 5:13-26). As we walk in the flesh, or earthly ways, God’s ways will always dominate if we let Him break through in us. How? By seeking, praising, and God granting His understanding. As we grasp His method of grace, we’ll find He’s been waiting to receive us all along, just as we are; broken, messy, and in pieces, chained in shackles. That’s the Awesome thing about God- with Him, we’ve never gone too far. He will always welcome us into His Kingdom if we say yes! Yes to life, yes to belief in Christ, and yes to His eternal Kingdom with Him as Father!


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