The Way Home

We can count our trials or we can count our blessings. Either place we focus, our heart and mind attitude will line up with greatness and joy, or despair and heartache. Going through trials is a part of life, but going through them with a sour attitude doesn’t have to be.

As we look at Christ, He is all encompassing. That means He will engulf us in His love and give us the grace we need to stay focused on the Father, so we can remain in humility and peace. Once we take our eyes off Him, there’s no place too low we can’t sink. He must be our center, our focal point. As we allow God to be the Vindicator of all that we have (or will) walk through, we can trust that no weapon formed against us shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). In my mind, this means to me that God will work things in my favor at some point in the trials, and He will sustain Me, with His loving hand upon me. It doesn’t mean things won’t hurt or we won’t go through struggles, but we can embrace them, learn from them, grow from them, and come out stronger on the other side. We’ll see God show up and show that He was directing and He is there, if we keep looking for Him and keep our gaze directly upon Him.

Why is there so much frustration and chaos in the world? One word sums up the biggest part of pain: TRUST. When we as a people and nations, can grasp that trust is the key ingredient to peace, we can step into a whole new realm of relaxation in the One Who’s got it all in the palm of His hand. But when we don’t trust God, chaos and distraction will eventually arise. How can we fight this lack of trust?

1.      Rest: the only way we find and remain in true rest is to continue in the Word, diligently seeking the Lord daily, and praying consistently as the Holy Spirit leads. Praying is not just asking for what we want; it’s praying for God’s will.

2.      Stay in peace: keep your eyes on the Prize. The prize is Jesus Christ. Submerse yourself in reading and studying the Word daily. Whatever time you have, give that time to Him. Put Him first. If we keep Him first, the rest of our schedule will work as He has planned it.

3.      Don’t need to have control or understand: one of the biggest traps of the Enemy is whispering to us that we must understand what’s going on, and we must control things, both of which are lies. When we take the back seat and let God drive, we can rest in heart and let Him go to work.

Keep looking at God. Keep seeking Him and pressing into Him, and He will show up and shine through. The rest we have in Christ allows us to see that God truly is in control in such a way that’s not demanding, but one that allows us to know He’s got our back. He is the Loving Father, and He is faithful.

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