Wisdom nuggets 1

◼️Sometimes we can walk through life receiving the lies of “I am not enough.” Circumstances whisper a loud roaring voice creating self-doubt, discouragement, and fear. When we run to that voice, we’ll end up in pain and lack, but if we run to the Creator, we’ll discover who we really are. Life is meant to be lived in abundance- physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally- but we can quickly be drowned out by the noise; the noise of “not enough.” If you listen to it long enough, you’ll receive it as your name and your identity. You will become the bearer of “I am not enough.” Your life, dreams, hopes, and beliefs will line up according to those lies. Today is your day to decide I AM ENOUGH. You were created with tenacity in your bones and boldness of spirit. Get your faith back. Get your courage back. Get your hope back. Slash the lies and wield the truth. Stand up and don’t back down; and when the lies return because they surely will, whisper back, I AM ENOUGH. 💫Psalm 139

◼️You have 🔸gifts and talents🔸 the world needs. Your gifting is not too small. Whatever you were meant to do and have the desire to do, 👉do that. Every person has their part, unlike anyone else’s part- UNIQUE💎- their part to play in blessing the world with an individual talent. We are created to be different. We aren’t meant to sit back and hide, thinking we should be “more.” Where you are is perfect, and as you step out to expand your talent, your dreams✨ can come to pass if you let them. Your desires will shift to your ultimate purpose. Let go of perfection. Let go of regret. Let go of the NOISE🙏. Instead, use that vibration to drive you ahead and drive you deeper🌊 into the calling and passion you were always created to be. The world 🌎 needs what you have to offer. The world needs YOU.⭐️

◼️Where is it that you feel in need, a lack❓ Could it be an opportunity, not a hinderance; an 👉opportunity to change the tables and receive an unexpected blessing❓ Instead of looking at the situation as a lack, try looking at it from another perspective. Take fear for example: fear can be turned into faith if we focus on the right thing. When we shift our focus to the Heavenly🌈 realm instead of the problem, many new opportunities begin to show up strong, but we have to look for them. ➡️Could it be that unbelief, fear, and doubt are holding you back from what’s in store, the goodness saved up for your life? Make a shift. 🔹Take unbelief and look at the possibilities (Mtw 19:26). 🔹Take fear and look at faith (Heb 11:6). 🔹Take doubt and look at the cross (1 Cor 15:4) 🔹There’s always hope to be found but we have to decide that if things don’t turn out as we expected, there’s a better plan, we just can’t see it yet (Rom 8:28).


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