Expect the Unexpected: God’s Covenant of Love

Sometimes we can get so focused on all the things that God has not done, that we forget all the wonderful things He has done for us. Why? I believe this is because of our human nature. Human nature looks at ourselves; we look at what could be more, better, or greater. We instinctively look at defeat, doubt, and lack, when all the while God says, “Look at Me through your eyes of faith.”

If we keep our eyes on Him we’ll feel hope and promise. If we look at the tests and the trials around us, we’ll feel like giving up. When do we reach a point of grace: whenever we are ready to receive it. God gives us this grace freely, but we have to be ready for it and open to receive it. We can’t find the fullness of grace with a lack of hope. Hope provides the trust and the goodness of God we need to look at His Son and know that His Word (His promises) is true for each of us as His children. When we cry out, He hears, and He answers as He sees fit. Where we get into trouble are the times we think we know what’s best, and we try to control or make things happen the way we want them to be, instead of trusting God. We then get frustrated, angry, and in denial that God is faithful (see Psalm 23).

Look at David, for example (see Psalm 32 and 52 for study). Shame covered his face, but he later realized even after all of his mistakes, God is good and God forgives no matter how bad we have messed up. If we have a right heart towards God, a heart that truly desires to be in fellowship with Him, we’ll find that He has been waiting for us all along. His grace patiently waits to cover us and redeem us from the pit, until we cry out and ask for hope. Peace surpasses all understanding with God, and the way to find God’s heart is to seek Him with your whole heart (Jer 29:13). As we seek Him, we’ll find Him, and we will know the Truth and the Truth will set us free (John 8:32), but until we can find that truth in Christ by believing and not doubting, we’ll find that Jesus waits. He waits for our voice to cry out and to admit we need Him as Savior, to admit we need help, and often that we were wrong. As God waits, He’ll patiently nudge and pursue us to bring us closer to His Son. As we find freedom in Him, we’ll find freedom to be who He has called us to be in this world; a light. As we find freedom inside, we can do and be anything He has created us to be. Since all things are possible with God (see Mtw 19:26), He will show up and show off if we ask Him. It may not be the moment we expect, but it will be at just the right moment and at just the right time. Expect the unexpected and be blessed!

*Thank you for reading! I pray His wisdom has blessed you! If you enjoyed today’s writing, please feel free to share with others who may need some encouragement as well. God bless!


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