Following the Lord can be a difficult task set before us. Our decisions as Christians- followers of Christ- may not always be popular or accepted, but what we choose for Christ will always be rewarded by our faithful God. Diligence is a key attribute when following God. We can rest in knowing that if we persevere for the Kingdom, God will have our back and He will fight our battles. His grace is sufficient to pull us through what we must go through for the sake of the Gospel, bringing people into Heaven (2 Cor 12:9). Our compromise is where God picks up the lack. Where we fall short, He fills with His glory. His grace is sufficient to bear all of our lacks, trials, difficulties, and shortcomings. If we keep looking at Him, we’ll find Him when we seek Him with a whole heart (Jer 29:13). He promises that when we put Him first, He’ll step up and be our sufficiency.

Our sufficiency all boils down to #trust. If we can’t trust God, nothing else will line up. Nothing will be in its proper place if we are not submitting to the Holy One. Only ONE can lead, guide, and control. We are blessed that in His love He provides the grace and opportunity to rest in Him, and know that He is faithful even when we are not. He will move in His way, in life’s proper timing; never too late and never too early. If we can fully believe that God is faithful and God is just, we will eventually see all things line up and fall into place, but we must trust God’s timing. His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isa 55:8). He sees what we cannot and we have to learn that He is sovereign in all things. He has our best interest at heart and He works all things together for good. As we journey through life with Him, we will firsthand discover His faithfulness. We’ll see that He is righteous and just for each of us, but it requires faith and faith requires that we trust Him in what we cannot see: the pieces of our life. He promises to never leave us or forsake us (Deut 31:8), and this is the promise we must hold onto. Many times we will feel forgotten, alone, and afraid, but God is there. He cannot go back on His Word. He cannot break a promise He has made (scripture). Therefore, watch and see all the goodness He has in store for you. Look away from the dim circumstances. Look away from the things that scare you. He is there waiting and listening for your call to Him. Keep asking and keep seeking. Keep persevering. Keep knocking at the Heavenly gates. He will close doors that need closed, and open doors that need opened. Trust Him for the right answers, and then watch Him go to work!


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